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10 UNDENIABLE reasons how SomerSide has changed the TOWEL game

WE RAISED AN UNBELIEVABLE $37,455 IN JUST 30 DAYS on Kickstarter and not only that but we have hundreds of happy customers across 37 countries that made it all possible. 


We were praised in the Federal Parliament of Australia for our innovation and paving the way for a more sustainable future. We didn't just make another towel, we reinvented it for YOU and our planet.


We GUARANTEE that none of your current towels compare to SomerSide. Here's how we changed the game:

1. SomerSide Towels Are Made From 85% Recycled Plastic Bottles. Yep You Heard Us. 

Here's a secret. Majority of microfibre towels are 100% manufactured plastic meaning it's just adding more plastic to our problem. 
We use new innovative technology to transform 8-14 plastic bottles into our towels, saving these plastic bottles from ending up in landfill with each purchase. Even the stylish pouch it comes in uses the same materials so there is no waste in production. 
Be a Hero. Buy a SomerSide Towel
You can view the process of how we do it HERE 

2. We Are Oh So Soft- Shocking we know.

We know what you're thinking- this towel is made from plastic so it must feel rough. WRONG. We have plenty of shocked customers at just how soft they really are. Try for yourself and if you think it's not soft for recycled plastic email us and get a refund. 

3. Sand-Resistant. No More Avoiding The Beach Because Of Sand

Have you ever avoided the beach because you didn't want to get yourself, the car, and your whole family covered in sand? Never have that problem again, SomerSide towels are sand-free so with a few shakes the sand comes right off the towel and you can leave the sand castles at the beach and your cotton towels at home.

4. Hidden Zip Pocket- An Absolute Game Changer

Have you ever gone to the beach on your own and wondered where can I put my valuables so no one takes them or if you surf you've been risking leaving your car keys on your wheel every-time. SomerSide has a hidden zip pocket on one side so you can hide your valuables and go for a dip without the worry. It can also be used to keep snacks, sunscreen etc  

5. Unique Double Sided Design. You've Got Style So Why Compromise When It Comes To A Towel?

Standard blue, grey, and yellow microfibre towel are boring. Leave them with your grandma's underwear and upgrade to a SomerSide towel. We have collaborated with artists to design eye-catching designs for every photo moment. We would be surprised if someone didn't ask you where you got your towel from. 

6. 20% Larger Than A Regular Beach Towel & Extremely Compact

Microfibre towels are the worst when they barely cover you when you need them too and cotton towels are too bulky to take anywhere but your own bathroom. We are LARGE and we roll down to only the size of a water bottle. Put us in your hand luggage, we weigh only a measly 380 grams.

7. Absorbent As A Towel Should Be

SomerSide's has been designed to soak up water like any other towel which is also why we have a blend of recycled and other materials. Simply wick away the water from your skin and dry off in no time.

8. Our towels Dry So Fast That It's Like The Ferrari Of Towels 

You live a busy life right? Always going from one activity and destination to the next? That's why you need a towel that can keep up. Our towels dry 4 times faster than regular cotton towels. You'd choose to drive a Ferrari over a civic right? Exactly.

9. Leave Your Wet Towel In Your Bag or Boot Of Your Car The Whole Day & It Won't Smell

Honestly how many times have you had such a busy day or got distracted with the kids that you forgot to hang out your wet towel? No more damp wet towel smell. Our towels are odour resistant, less hassle and less washing. 

10. An Elastic Hanging Hook Because Why Not?

It's annoying when you try hang your towel and it just falls down. Hang it up anywhere for your convenience with our elastic hanging hook.

Every Activity & Adventure

There really isn't anything this towel can't be used for and it is an essential for all the adventure seekers, mums and dads fed up with sand everywhere, eco warriors, jet setters, picnic lovers, gym goers, backpackers, campers, and EVERYONE in between because we designed SomerSide with all your pain and frustrations in mind to create a towel that can be YOUR most used and loved sidekick no matter the activity or destination. 

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