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At SomerSide, we take sustainability very seriously! Embracing responsibility, we are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact in every possible way.


Our products are primarily crafted from recycled post-consumer plastic, mainly in the form of repurposed plastic bottles. Through a meticulous process, these recycled materials are transformed into high-quality polyester fibres, proudly certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The GRS, extending across the entire supply chain, ensures rigorous standards in traceability, environmental considerations, social requirements, and labelling practices.


In instances where recycled plastic polyester may not be suitable, significant effort goes into researching sustainable and innovative alternatives. For instance, we choose to use offcuts of wool for our cooler bag insulation over foam and use bamboo fibre to insulate our beach bags. Upholding sustainability as our paramount principle, we refuse to compromise when it comes to material sourcing.


SomerSide is committed to creating premium products that are guaranteed to last. Our commitment extends beyond the quality of our goods to ensuring fair working conditions and contented employees in the carefully selected factories we collaborate with.

Our dedication goes beyond the ordinary, considering elements that others may overlook, to deliver the finest product imaginable. From sustainable materials and captivating prints to functional considerations such as size, weight, hanging loops, and even sustainable packaging - We are meticulous about the finer details so you don't have to be.


At SomerSide, our commitment to waste reduction goes beyond product materials. We adhere to a strict no-waste policy, ensuring that nothing is discarded. Unsold towels find purpose through donations to organisations like the Lost Dogs Home, while unusable items are responsibly handled by partnering with a textile recycling factory. We even reuse the same boxes from stock deliveries for our wholesale orders, sealed with biodegradable tape of course. We responsibly and seasonally order to minimise excess stock and avoid participating in mass sales for the sole purpose of discounting items.

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