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10 OBVIOUS reasons why your SuperHero Mum deserves to be gifted the ultimate sidekick this Mother's Day

There's a reason this super TOWEL raised $37,455 in just 30 days, even Australian Parliament called us 'innovative and paving the way for sustainability.' 


Mother's Day is fast approaching and here are 10 obvious reasons why we are the perfect sidekick to gift your amazing mum

She Is A SuperHero After All

1. Your Mum Is The Most Caring Person You Know

Your mum is always there when you need, when your family needs, her friends, and even the planet. She always wants to help everyone else around her.


We're made from 85% recycled plastic bottles, saving 8-14 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill with each purchase meaning you & her are both helping the planet. Even the stylish pouch it comes in uses the same materials so there is no waste in production. 
You can view the process of how we do it HERE 

2. She Is Constantly On The Move

She goes from yoga, to work, preparing everyone's food, cleaning up, looking after you, checking in on friends, being a one woman show, and saving the world all in a day's work of a mum.

With all that bouncing around between activities you need a great sidekick. SomerSide Towels are absorbent and dry 4 times faster than a regular towel so she can easily move from one thing to the next. 

 3. Your Mum is Always Prepared

From hand sanitiser and emergency Panadol to a photo of you from 10 years ago, mum's usually carry a whole bag of stuff no matter where they go.

Luckily we roll up to the size of a small water bottle so she can easily fit us in her hand bag and accompany her on her numerous adventures.

4. She Thinks Of Everyone Else First

She loves to take the family outdoors and to the beach, except she isn't a fan of having her car and house covered in sand but she'll go for the kids anyway. Let your mum enjoy the beach without the hassle of cleaning up.

SomerSide towels are sand-free so with a few shakes the sand comes right off the towel, it's like a super power we know.

5. Your Mum Has Style

She cares about what she wears even if she's just finished a workout, heading to work, or catching up for wine with a girlfriend.

Our beautiful designs are unique and stylish so she doesn't need to compromise style when it comes to her towel. We have a variety of designs including a design by Indigenous artist Saltwater Dreamtime and Sydney based Illustrator Cronulla Folk.

6. She Likes Things Clean and Tidy

Mums like everything clean and smelling nice, she did your washing for years after all. 

Our towels are odour resistant so your mum has less hassle and less washing. No more damp wet towel smell!

7. She Worries

It's only natural for your mum to worry, and it's always stressful when you're at the beach or working out on your own and need to leave your valuables unattended.

Luckily we have a hidden zip pocket in our towels so your mum can hide her valuables and carry a small amount of essentials to the beach or gym in a neat little pocket.

8. Cares About Quality and Value

Products that can be used often and provides good value is important to her and she likes gifts that are practical.

SomerSide Towels are engineered with innovative technology to ensure our towels are soft and cross functional to provide the upmost value. We do more than any other towel on the market.

9. She Always Saves The Day

Mum's always know best let's be honest even if we don't want to admit it. There's been many times when your mum has given some advice that you should have taken.

This time YOU can save the day by gifting her something that she didn't know she needed but will absolutely love. SomerSide towels are perfect for those just in case moments where she needs something to sit on watching a game of footy, she's cold so she grabs it as a blanket for little Jack, and all other unexpected moments that life presents.

10. There Is Nothing She Can't Do

Mums just have super powers as do our super towels.

Does this sound like your mum? If so click the Image below

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