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Beach Umbrella Set-up

  1. Pick a sandy spot, and dig a small hole in the sand
  2. To know which way the umbrella will throw it's shade, use your shadow.
  3. Untie the cotton string, and loosen the tilt hinge to straighten umbrella
  4. To open the umbrella, hold the pole with one hand and with the other hand slide the mechanism up the pole to extend the canopy open until the mechanism switch aligns with the small hole at the top of the pole and allow it to clip into position. It is easier if you hold the mechanism more towards the top than the bottom
  5. Place the umbrella with open canopy into the hole in the sand and twist until head is buried. Pack down with sand
  6. Now sit back and enjoy!

For windy days

1. The matching carry bag also comes with a sand pocket. Fill sand pocket as desired and bag if needed
2. Un-clip the carry strap and clip to the umbrella ribs. Or alternatively wrap around the pole

Always ensure your beach umbrella is well anchored in windy conditions for everyones safety at the beach. If it is extremely windy we do not recommend using the beach umbrella. Always collapse the Beach Umbrella if leaving unattended to prevent it from blowing away, getting damaged or disturbing others. 

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