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Tips and Essentials For The Perfect Eco-Picnic Date

Roses are red, violets are blue, the pressure is on for the perfect date for two. 

If you haven't prepared anything for Valentines day and want to do something low budget, intimate, and an easy last minute idea than a picnic is for you! Not to mention there are many ways to make it eco-friendly. 

We've written up a list of tips and essentials for your ultimate eco-picnic date.

First Things first, you need a towel or something to sit on

If you've got a SomerSide towel, perfect take that with you as it's designed to be versatile. Sand free also means crumb free! If you don't have one, you should get one (kidding). Alternatively you can grab a few towels you do have, an old tablecloth or anything that can be reused. Remember you need enough room for two.

Choose a destination

Does you partner have a favourite spot? Maybe a favourite park or beach? If the weather isn't ideal or you live in a cold place, a place with a fire pit or a nice camp fire is a cosy touch- an excuse to cuddle up! A more quiet place is ideal for a picnic date.

Eco-picnic Tips

The key to an environmentally friendly picnic is to use zero single-use plastics. Alternatives include carrying your food in reusable containers with an airtight lid rather than plastic containers. Use 100% biodegradable cutlery if really necessary or simply take your own and bring it home with you. Wine glasses can be an issue to carry without breaking so bring reusable cups instead. Everything you bring you take home with you.

Checklist of Items

- Glasses/cups for alcohol if you're having alcohol

- Corkskrew/Bottle opener (don't forget this one)

- A basket or backpack to carry everything

- Chopping Board/ big bowl or plate

- Cheese Knife

- Bread Knife

- Cutlery

- A hand towel you can wash instead of Napkins

- Bug Spray (an organic/natural one is recommended)

- Towel/Picnic blanket

- Blanket if it's cold

Now for the food!

- Antipasto skewers, Cherry tomatoes, Crackers, Olives, Mini pizza squares, Mini-homemade sandwiches, pre-cut Fruit, and Veggies. Try shop organic and support local!

- Suggested veggies include Capsicum, Cucumber, Celery sticks, Carrots, and Clives

- Definitely get Strawberries, it makes the date cuter! Blueberries are great as well.

- Salami, mini pizzas, pasta, potato salad, dips, and pies are great options. Homemade is more eco-friendly so keep that in mind.

Cheese is the big one! If the person is vegan no problems there are so many vegan cheeses on the market now that are great options. Get a variety of soft and more mature cheeses to taste. Popular cheese include a Brie, Jack Cheddar, Feta, and Camembert. Again local is best and more sustainable

- A sweet paste to go with the cheese or other more organic options include nuts such as Walnuts, Almonds, Cashew, Pecans, Pistachios or some dried fruit such as dates or apricots

- You're going to need some bread. A baguette or a nice fresh sourdough is great, pop into your local bakery and see what they have. Alternatively you can just get a variation of crackers such as water crackers.

- Don't forget the alcohol! Bring your partners favourite wine or beer.

Some Entertainment

- Bring some cards, some fun board games, or even some beach tennis rackets.

Cleaning up

Take everything that you bring home with you to ensure no litter is left over.

We hope you enjoy your picnic date- Have a Happy Valentines day!



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