How do you make your towels from plastic bottles?

It's a big process that's for sure. In short, the plastic bottles are collected, washed, crushed into pellets, melted down and extruded into fibre to be made into the polyester used in our towels. If you'd like a more detailed look, you can view here

What is your towel made from, what is the other 15%?

Our towels are made from 85% recycled polyester and 15% polyamide also known as Nylon is some countries.

Why isn't your towel made from 100% recycled material? 

Our goal is to ultimately produce an 100% eco towel whether that is from recycled plastic or a blend of natural materials. We found that the composition of 100% recycled plastic meant poorer texture, not much absorbency, and overall unable to be as functional as the current SomerSide towel. Innovation is key in this space so if you've got some ideas please do get it touch, we'd love to chat.

What is the difference between the Quick Dry and Premium towels?

The premium range is a waffle weave fabric, containing double the amount of plastic bottles, has double the absorption, and is double the weight of our Quick Dry towels. The premium range is ideal for the beach and picnics, where as the quick dry range is much more versatile for the beach, travel, picnics, camping and a variety of adventures as they're so light, compact, and dry 4 x faster than cotton. 

How do I care for my towel? 

Quick Dry towels: Wash your SomerSide towel before use to give it that softness, our quick dry towels will continue to get softer over time and with every wash. Machine wash at 30 degrees and we recommend washing separately.
Premium Waffle towels: Machine wash your premium towel on cold cycle and we recommend washing separately.
Our towels dry 2-4 faster than a regular cotton towel so simply hang it outside and it'll be ready for your next activity in no time. SomerSide towels are odour resistant so there is also no need to wash it as often and you can save the planet even more by doing so. This will also prolong the life of the towel.

What about Microplastics?

Microplastics are essentially very small pieces of plastic that result from the breakdown of larger plastic debris. They can be so small that you may not even see them. Microplastics come from all types of man made materials that make up products such as swimwear, t-shirts, make-up, and various others. As our towels are made from recycled plastic, there are measures you can take to minimise the Microplastic waste from entering our environment when you wash your SomerSide towel. This can be as simple as hand washing, or using washing bags that prevent Microplastics from entering our waterways. We recommend buying a Guppy washing bag to protect our waterways and marine friends. 

I want to buy a new SomerSide towel, what should I do with the old one?

Our towels are designed to last, however, if you want to grab yourself a new one there are ways to utilise the old one. A great way to reuse your old SomerSide towel is to cut it up and use it as cleaning cloths, give it to your dog or cat as a new blanket, or even as a funky bath mat. 

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